Astrology for the spiritual wanderers, wisdom seekers, and psyche explorers.

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Seeking wisdom & exploring the psyche through astrology

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Astrology helps us connect to something bigger than us. It allows us to see the Divine all around us and within us. We are unique & individual threads weaving the tapestry of our life within a larger tapestry of the collective.

Astrology allows us to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves as an embodiment of a spirit-soul. It allows us to see archetypal expressions within us and encourages us to follow that thread down into the subconscious.

Astrology offers us a map to create space for the unfolding of the stories (both told and untold) that dwell within our soul. It gives us space to connect more deeply to ourselves so that we can live an authentic life that is in alignment with both the desires of our egos and the essence of our souls.

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About Me

I'm Alex Skye! I'm a taurus rising, sagittarius sun, and libra moon.

I use astrology as a path to help others understand themselves on a deeper level by weaving in themes of philosophical and spiritual wisdom and depth and archetypal psychology into my astrological practice.

In my readings I draw on my knowledge of hellenistic astrology and spiritual philosophies as well as my background as a mental health therapist.

I am passionate about guiding people deeper into their experiences and teaching them how to listen for their soul's expression while ultimately supporting them to live a more authentic and fulfilling life.

Work with Me

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Natal Chart Consultation

This 75 minute natal reading will be tailored to you based on your level of astrological understanding. I will interpret the archetypal symbols and karmic messages that are embedded in your chart to support you in gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and your experiences. I will highlight key themes in your chart and pose questions for deeper self-connection and insight into your inner world.

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Embarking on the Journey Within

A coaching container that supports your understanding of and connection with yourself through the layers of archetypes in your unique birth chart. The emphasis will be on: building a relationship with your soul through reflective practice, somatic and imaginative work, and creative expression.

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Coming Soon

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Skye Astrology Blog

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Alex Skye Therapy

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Live in RI or MA and interested in holistic therapy instead? Visit my therapy practice here.

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